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 Being happy and staying in the moment is hard.  Why are our good memories always SO great, when at the time, we didn’t even think things were good? The past always seems better than it was. We are right now, this very moment, happy. Things are great, but I need something to remind me not to take it for granted, and to appreciate it. I then think about the future, when I look back to now and really realise that we were having the time of our lives. We are creating our memories, every second of every day. Lets make life good. Lets do it. 


Woke up on a Saturday

I woke up this morning to the post man shoving a package through the letterbox. Could it be? At last my UV false nail drying light had arrived? Nope. It was my dads watch he ordered yesterday. I lay in bed for a few minutes contemplating what to write to the ebay sellers that seem to have  gotten Royal Mail to loose my UV light. Well over a week I’ve been waiting now. Shocking I know. I turned on my computer and sat with my cat, and wrote them a polite letter to try and hurry them along in the act of sending me another one. You know what will happen though don’t you? I will end up with two probably. Well thats good. One for each hand! Anyway here is me, right now, With Millie.

I am not Columbus!

I have been on the laptop most of the day, and I’m feeling quite UN-successful.  What have I achieved? I have started my blog! Now I feel a smidge less guilty. I am debating whether to have pizza or cake as a snack. If you have read more of my page you will be aware that both those healthy snacks are in fact homemade so they don’t count as unhealthy. And with that, my laptop just made a noise I have never heard before so before ‘navigating away from this page’ I am going to press PUBLISH. In a sec tho, I think we have time. Navigate? Navigate? Do you ever get that little message ‘are you SURE you want to NAVIGATE away from this page?’ NAVIGATE? Its hardly worthy of a compass and map. Its not the titanic. I am not Columbus!  

Meet Tobi 

Lazy in the sun 🙂 


I can feel you holding onto me so tight
I tell you nothing else has ever felt this right
Hearing your heart beating, the same time as mine
Knowing you are with me, right by my side
No one else will understand but its our lives
We know that we have lived our lives, we’ve had our time
When you link your fingers into mine
We can leave this place together, we can fly
Leave everyone a letter saying we are fine
Tell them we will see them in another life
Look to the future, not behind
Taste the freedom, a fresh new vine
Set our futures out, and follow that line
And know that at a crossroads, we will be alright 
If we do this together, the very same time
Both of us will go, if both of us try
But we have to promise, that we wont decline
Have trust in each other, truth verses lies
If both of us could stay together till the end of time
Then both of us will live forever, forever you’ll be mine

To J

You’re a friend of a friend

A special friend you are

In her life for 40 years

and seen her go so far.

Like a mother you are to her

She wishes you well indeed

for on another jouney you are

A journey you must complete

For if you stay there lingering 

Your purpose wont be found

Its time to let things go my dear

It time to let go now

Everyone awaits you

on the otherside

Time, it has no meaning there

We’re all there, all the time

For people think its only the passed

that they will find in the sky

But you realise when you get there

Its not just when we die

Don’t be scared, and dont look back

because as I’ve said before

Everything  awaits you now

Just open up the door

A better time for all ahead

Better than we’ve had

Be happy now, you’re free to go

Theres no need to be sad.

A special friend of a friend you are

Where shall I start

You loved and cared, and laughed and shared

and continue to touch our hearts. 

The times.

I had a good night last night. Tobias (Tobi, Toberlerone, ect) stayed over again.  We made pizza from scratch, the base and all! It was quite nice I must say. I am in the process of putting pictures on now. We also made a cake & used a whole box of icing! It got everywhere, but was fun. I got the electric whisk out, and clumsily turned it on, while it was positioned half OUT and half IN the icing mixture. It went ALL over our faces, and we let it dry on.  The times just keep on getting better. The times of our lives.  

Thanks to Dad

I want you to tell me everything
Tell me from the start.
What started all this trouble
That stays there in your heart.
I ask you lots of questions
Maybe I should not.
I think Im getting somewhere 
But maybe I should stop.
I really want to help you
And say its not that bad.
But looking right into your eyes 
All I see it sad.
You begin to tell me something
You say it all began,
Back when you were three years old
When you were just a lad.
You lie there really serious
But once again you choke .
You’re scared to talk about it
So turn it to a joke.
I wish that you would carry on
So I could understand. 
You know you’ve got a friend in me
Just let me take your hand.
How could someone abandon you
4 kids all under ten?
leave your mother helpless
Lost without a friend.
How could someone do that
Leave you without a dad.
Who was meant to guide you?
Help you be a man?
And it was from that moment
I saw a change in you.
Your face lit up with happiness
I didn’t have a clue.
You said that you were lucky
Because he never really left,
with that you took your right hand
And placed it on your chest.
You felt your heart beating 
And smiled and looked at me,
'my dad is always with me
He’s here in every beat.
Back when I was three years old
I wasn’t very well,
My heart, it wasn't working,
So now my story I will tell.
My dad had one just like mine
And his was working good,
if only I’d have known.
How could I have understood?
That just before I went to sleep
And said bye to my dad,
That kiss would be the last one
The last he’d ever have.
He gave up his whole life for me
What more is there to say?
Apart from he is with me
Every single day.
I never got to thank you dad
I didn’t think you’d hear,
but maybe I’ve been thanking you
With every fallen tear.
So people say that Im unhappy
They say that I look sad.
But they will probably never know
What happened to my dad.
So like you said to me before
Its just my heart that’s sad,
All I think that’s left to say is
Cheer up dear old dad.' 

Life is Wonderful

Thought I better start off by showing you my glorious self.