To J

You’re a friend of a friend

A special friend you are

In her life for 40 years

and seen her go so far.

Like a mother you are to her

She wishes you well indeed

for on another jouney you are

A journey you must complete

For if you stay there lingering 

Your purpose wont be found

Its time to let things go my dear

It time to let go now

Everyone awaits you

on the otherside

Time, it has no meaning there

We’re all there, all the time

For people think its only the passed

that they will find in the sky

But you realise when you get there

Its not just when we die

Don’t be scared, and dont look back

because as I’ve said before

Everything  awaits you now

Just open up the door

A better time for all ahead

Better than we’ve had

Be happy now, you’re free to go

Theres no need to be sad.

A special friend of a friend you are

Where shall I start

You loved and cared, and laughed and shared

and continue to touch our hearts. 


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