Thanks to Dad

I want you to tell me everything
Tell me from the start.
What started all this trouble
That stays there in your heart.
I ask you lots of questions
Maybe I should not.
I think Im getting somewhere 
But maybe I should stop.
I really want to help you
And say its not that bad.
But looking right into your eyes 
All I see it sad.
You begin to tell me something
You say it all began,
Back when you were three years old
When you were just a lad.
You lie there really serious
But once again you choke .
You’re scared to talk about it
So turn it to a joke.
I wish that you would carry on
So I could understand. 
You know you’ve got a friend in me
Just let me take your hand.
How could someone abandon you
4 kids all under ten?
leave your mother helpless
Lost without a friend.
How could someone do that
Leave you without a dad.
Who was meant to guide you?
Help you be a man?
And it was from that moment
I saw a change in you.
Your face lit up with happiness
I didn’t have a clue.
You said that you were lucky
Because he never really left,
with that you took your right hand
And placed it on your chest.
You felt your heart beating 
And smiled and looked at me,
'my dad is always with me
He’s here in every beat.
Back when I was three years old
I wasn’t very well,
My heart, it wasn't working,
So now my story I will tell.
My dad had one just like mine
And his was working good,
if only I’d have known.
How could I have understood?
That just before I went to sleep
And said bye to my dad,
That kiss would be the last one
The last he’d ever have.
He gave up his whole life for me
What more is there to say?
Apart from he is with me
Every single day.
I never got to thank you dad
I didn’t think you’d hear,
but maybe I’ve been thanking you
With every fallen tear.
So people say that Im unhappy
They say that I look sad.
But they will probably never know
What happened to my dad.
So like you said to me before
Its just my heart that’s sad,
All I think that’s left to say is
Cheer up dear old dad.' 


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