I can feel you holding onto me so tight
I tell you nothing else has ever felt this right
Hearing your heart beating, the same time as mine
Knowing you are with me, right by my side
No one else will understand but its our lives
We know that we have lived our lives, we’ve had our time
When you link your fingers into mine
We can leave this place together, we can fly
Leave everyone a letter saying we are fine
Tell them we will see them in another life
Look to the future, not behind
Taste the freedom, a fresh new vine
Set our futures out, and follow that line
And know that at a crossroads, we will be alright 
If we do this together, the very same time
Both of us will go, if both of us try
But we have to promise, that we wont decline
Have trust in each other, truth verses lies
If both of us could stay together till the end of time
Then both of us will live forever, forever you’ll be mine

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